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Woven Shoes Higher Kids

Woven Shoes Higher Kids

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BLUEMOUNTAIN US Handmade Woven Shoes have excellent durability using high-quality natural leather and a 6mm elastic branding. Comfortable slip-on type woven shoes provide excellent ventilation and pleasant ignition, and suitable for casual daily shoes.


01 Signature outsole

As a signature outsole evolved from the existing Blue Mountain outsole, provides superior cushioning, comfort and traction.

02 Outsole materials

The outsole made with the IU (injection unit) method using high-elasticity EVA material provides a stable fit and durability

by applying a rubber material to the part that touches the ground.

03 Fitting

It supports a stable and comfortable fit that fits the inner foot by using Blue Mountain's unique last manufactured to fit the shape of the Korean foot.

In addition, the thicker outsole absorbs heel shock and provides comfortable cushioning and a natural height effect.



You can configure your own shoes with various jelly buttons

02 Cooling system

Made of breathable material, it comfortably wraps the foot and provides excellent ventilation even when worn for a long time

03 Illustration pattern

Decorated with cute characters and drawings

04 Lightness

Light weight of about 130g Provides a comfortable fit.

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